Do I need an internet connection to access my Driving School Online software?

Yes you will require an internet connection and a web browser, such as Internet Explorer 7 or Mozilla Firefox, to access your Driving School Online software.

I have multiple computers and I want to use DSO on all of them. Do I need to buy a more copies of this software?

No, because the Driving School Online software runs online, you can access the software from multiple computers 24 hours a day 7 days a week, from anywhere with an internet connection.

Do I need a to know alot about accounting to successfully use the accounts facility in Driving School Online?

No, All you need to do is input the expenses and incomes your company makes. Driving School Online then calculates balances to give you accurate results.

If a have multiple instructors in my company, what happens if some of them pay a francise fee? Where can i Log this information?

You can log this as an income in the accounts section and also log how much each instructor pays each year or month, Do this by adding it in the instructors information.

Can I print anything off for my records?

Yes you can print off the following: Pupil Details Instructor Details Instructor Weekly Diary An Instructors Pupil Summary System Activity Summaries Pupil Reciepts Pupil Account Summaries Company Account Summaries

How many users can i allow to use the Driving School Online Software?

This depends on which version you have purchased, see the features page to find out the limits of package.

What's the benefit of having my instructors logging in?

It allows them to view and make bookings for just their own pupils, this saves you time with administration.

Will other users and instructors be restricted in what they are allowed to do on the system?

Yes, as the main administrator of the system you will be add a user as an operator or an additional main administrator. Another administator will have the same privileges as you, but an operator has certain restrictions (mainly on viewing company accounts). An instructor will also only be able to see data relating to them and no company wide information. The system is secure, and you as an administrator have power over all users. All activities of users and instructors are logged.

How long can I use the software for?

Once purchased you can use the software for 12 months from the date it is setup. After the year has elapsed you will be asked to renew your Driving School Online software for another year, which requires you to pay the yearly fee.

If I purchase the Standard Edition and later decide I need the Deluxe or Premium edition, will I need to pay the full price of the upgraded version?

No, you can contact us if you wish to upgrade, and you will only need to pay the difference.

I think I have discovered an error with the system, how can it be fixed?

You can contact us via this websites contact form, or email support@drivingschoolonline.co.uk. We will endeavour to respond within 24 hours with information on your problem.