Why do I need driving school software?

Driving School Online is a smart and easy way to organise your driving school, from accounts to pupil information. You can now do away with your old paper based methods and keep all of your important information in one safe and secure place. You wonít believe how easy it is to keep track of your pupils, instructors, lessons, tests, accounts and payments.

DSO is not just a diary, it is a way to monitor all aspects of your business. To see a full list of what Driving School Online can provide, please see the prices and packages. The system has been designed with ease of use in mind, the navigation has been kept simple and consistent throughout the system, and you will see this if you decide to take a look at our free 72 hour demo.

DSO - Driving School Online

Making things easy

DSO allows you to store an unlimited amount of pupils and allocate these pupils to a branch and instructor. Once stored you can search your pupils easily using the pupil search area. You can filter the results by branch, instructor etc. Making it faster to find the pupil youíre after. Once found you can make bookings, show payments, generate receipts, edit and delete that pupil. You can also give your pupils the ability to login to their own area and view their past and up and coming bookings without needing to contact the school.

DSO - Driving School Online

See your week

The dynamic calendar makes it easy to book lessons or tests and see if they have been paid for. From the calendar you can edit/delete and add lessons or tests easily. It is also possible to create a calendar based on the each individual instructors working hours. For example if you or an instructor in your company does not work on a Saturday. You can edit the Instructors working hours and it will grey out the times they donít work. Itís totally flexible.

DSO - Driving School Online

Finances covered

You no longer need to work out your income, expenses or profits. DSO keeps track of all of your businesses activities and can even generate account summaries based on a date range. So when it comes to working out your Tax itís just a simple click of a button.

DSO - Driving School Online

Spread the word

By purchasing the Deluxe Edition or purchasing it as an optional extra you will be able to take advantage of the built in memo system. With the Driving School Online software there is no need for external email. You can send and receive mail to system users and instructors via the memos system.

DSO - Driving School Online

Run like clockwork

To maintain your Driving School Online software you can use the simple admin menu. It offers the ability to add/edit/delete test centres, courses & rates, branches and system users. All of these features are all in one place this is what makes DSO so easy to run and maintain.

DSO - Driving School Online

Instructor power

Driving School Online provides you with an instructor login system, this allows your instructors to login and book lessons for their own pupils. This will in turn save you administration costs as instructors will be able to book lessons without contacting the school. All the instructor activities are logged so there can be no issues with fraudulent or abuse of the system. You will have total control of who can use your system.